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I’m Jojo – the 26-year-old traveler/photographer/videographer behind this blog. While you may see my face almost everywhere on this blog, there’s a team of amazing and passionate people behind me. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Please visit as often as you like! 🍍

About the blogger

I consider 3 places my home: Guam – where I was born and raised, Manila – where I spent my developmental years, and San Francisco – which played a huge part in my upbringing as an adult. I’ve moved around quite a few times and with that, I’ve learned the ability to adapt! Which helps a lot when visiting new places whether for a couple days or a couple months.

On December 2016, I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Before I graduated from university, I decided to adjust my schedule from a full-time onsite student to a part-time onsite and part-time online student so that I could be able to travel, while at the same time, practicing the discipline of working and studying on my own time.

Three values that are most important to me are authenticity, freedom, and happiness. 
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About the blog

I grew up traveling with my family so the desire for travel has been and will always be there. Along with that, people in my life know me as a traveler so they often go to me for travel advice.

And so, there were 3 main reasons why this blog was born:
For me – to make a living doing what I love, traveling & creating
For the community
 -to awaken women to experience themselves as creative, kind-hearted, authentic badasses
For the world – to breathe life and love into the universe in a way that touches, moves, and inspires everyone to live out their best lives


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