It’s an amazing feeling to start your blog. It’s an opportunity to express yourself and expand in ways you didn’t know you could. And just like starting a business, a lot of effort is required. Here are 14 harsh truths you’ll learn in your first year of travel blogging!

1. No one knows you. No one cares about you. You HAVE to read this! It's actually helpful

By the way, there are no images for this post because I’m here to tell you like it is. Let’s get started by getting the truth slapped on our faces!

1. No cares about you. No one knows who you are.

You’re entering a sea of travel bloggers in a world where no one knows you. You need to put yourself ahead of others by asking yourself, “What am I good at? What kind of advice do people usually ask me?” This is an opportunity for you to create a voice based on your strengths and what you’re naturally interested in and then people will start noticing you.

2. You’ll be blogging for months & Months, creating amazing content, and not everyone will see it.

–except for your close friends and family. And that’s totally fine. Just keep going!

3. You’ll be spending the majority of the time in front of your computer, laptop, and phone.

–and not actually traveling. Your time will be spent researching your destinations, researching and writing posts, learning how to use creative programs, editing photos & videos, posting on social media, replying to messages, commenting on other bloggers’ social media accounts, contacting brands, – the list of work in front of the screen is endless.

4. Not everyone has the mindset to be a blogger and you’ll find out if you’re one of them or not.

Many people have the skills to be one, but not all of them have the mindset. And some have the mindset but not the skills. Or you can be part of lucky group of people who have both the skills, the mindset and the “it factor.”

5. You’ll get frustrated by how painstakingly long it is to get your first 1000 followers/subscribers.

Like it could take 6 months. Same as getting your first 10,000 and first 100,000 followers. But the more followers people see you have, the more likely they are to follow you. It’s a psychological thing. This is why I renamed my personal Instagram account of 300 followers to my blog’s name so that I didn’t have to start from 0. Sure my friends unfollowed me but it’s better starting from nothing.

6. You’ll be spending more time marketing than content creating.

Because if no one’s going to see the work you’re creating for them, why create it?

7. You’ll get a lot of followers And a lot of unfollowers.

That’s the nature of growing a following– it’s never linear. It will go up and it will go down. Just remember that when it goes down, you’re not losing followers but rather, your following is becoming much more loyal and that’s much more important than having a larger number of followers who aren’t genuinely interested in you.

8. You’ll be comparing yourself to other bloggers.

It’s not fair to them and it’s especially not fair to you. You can’t compare yourself to someone at level 200 when you’re level 2.

9. You’ll find many reasons to quit and it’s up to you to let those reasons get in the way.

Majority of the time, it’s ourselves who get in the way of our own success as we constantly tell ourselves, in one version or another, “I’m not good enough. I’m a disappointment. I’m a failure. I’m doing everything wrong. I’m not special. I’m bad. I’m ugly. I suck. I’m unlovable.” And it’s totally fine to tell yourself that! You’re a human being and it’s natural to go through those feelings. You just to remind yourself that your inside voice is only a voice and it will always be there. And that inside voice is not you.

10. You’ll be confronted by all of these harsh truths.

And it’ll be worth it because–

11. You’ll meet amazing people just like you.

–and instantly become friends because you not only understand the struggles firsthand, but you also help lift each other up.

12. You’ll be admired for your generosity.

–because you’re willing to share your knowledge and experiences for free without asking for anything back.

13. And Your dream career is worth jumping through countless hoops for.

–because experiencing yourself as a badass, powerful, boss babe living out the dream is priceless. If there’s one thing to know now is that patience is a key and–

14. Nothing about the blogging world is instantly gratified.

Aside from social media posts, it’s all about long-term gratification. Ask yourself, “Am I willing to invest my own money and work long hours for no pay, sacrificing personal time and lifestyle, for maybe years? What’s going to happen to me if this venture doesn’t work out?” Be patient & stay grounded.

And there you have it; the harsh truths you’ll learn in your first year of travel blogging and this works for any blogger in any topic. I didn’t even talk much about travel! 😂 I titled it that way for SEO purposes which you will learn when you start blogging! I wrote this based on my experience as a travel blogger in the past 12 months which means… TRAVELING PETITE GIRL IS ONE YEAR OLD!! I had no idea where Traveling Petite Girl would be a year after I started but here I am now with 26,000+ followers! Thank you so. much. ❤️ I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. I will be giving back with my next giveaway in November! 🎉

What are your thoughts on these truths? Comment below if you experienced any of these struggles and if there’s more you want to add because it’s endless!

Stay tuned for my next post, “19 Nuggets of Advice for First Time Travel Bloggers.”

Talk to you soon! 🍍Jojo's Signature

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  1. This read was amazing! I’ve just started blogging and started my IG a few months ago. I’m making progress and I have learned some of these truths already. My website launches at the end of this month and I’m just super excited and ready to see where this journey takes me.

    • Jojo Reply

      I’m glad you’re already familiar with some of these truths! It’s really hard getting your blog started in your first year but there are a lot of little things that make it rewarding! I can’t wait for your blog to launch Kai!! ❤️

  2. These truths are hitting home right now. We are just starting out. Accidentally published a page to our blog before i was ready so i just let it go out into the world even though we are not 100% ready. I guess it is good to be thrown into the deep end.
    Cannot wait to get to that 1k following and then go from there. Definitely noticed the numbers grow and drop but we are looking for loyalty as we try to find our own unique style. Thanks for the post, loved it and cannot wait to read the next one, as that will be helpful too. x

    • Jojo Reply

      There are definitely a lot of positives being thrown to the deep end. And at the end of the day, it’s loyalty that’s important, not numbers. I’m rooting for you! And I’m glad you found this post helpful, I hope you’ll find the next one helpful too!

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