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Traveling Petite Girl is a travel & photography blog that inspires women to travel and take beautiful travel photos through travel guides, travel videos, and photography tips. Our mission is for women to experience themselves as creative, kind-hearted, authentic badasses, by creating content that fuses, inspiration, discovery, and creativity. With that, our content is engaging, fun, and #real! In addition to that, Traveling Petite Girl has built a loyal following from an international audience, majority of whom are based in the United States and Philippines.

Traveling Petite Girl is driven by these core values


I believe in changing the way young women look at travel by being the example of how attainable it can be while also showing them that it can be just as freeing as they imagined it.


My goal is to disrupt the “someday I’ll do that” way of thinking. If we wait to be happy, we’ll forever be waiting. While YOLO might be an informal way of saying it, the saying is true. You Only Live Once.


There is a responsibility when influencing young women to travel. That starts with being authentic about not only the joys of travel but also about the blood, sweat, and tears that come with it too.

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